Training Reimbursement  

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WCIA supports member's staff development by allocating funds for recognized educational program achievements. These can be in the form of Certifications and Accreditations, as well as Municipal Organizations, Schools, Institutes and/or Conferences.

Members are required to submit a Reimbursement Request.

  • WCIA funding is provided upon program completion and submission of training reimbursement request.
  • Reimbursements are made to the Member entity not individuals.
  • Combining multiple reimbursements for substitute payment towards one particular program will not be allowed.
  • Entity/Applicant must provide documentation such as a copy of the invoice, certificate of attendance or completion and/or roster of attendees.
  • The deadline for submitting reimbursement requests is the second Friday of December. Reimbursement received after will be subject to denial.
  • Certification renewals without testing components are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • The reimbursement check will be mailed to the entity's appointed WCIA Delegate along with a letter informing the Delegate of the purpose for the reimbursement check.

Below is a list of current eligible Training Reimbursements:

APA WA Chapter-Planning for Temporary Encampments
APCO Project 33 Agency Training Program Certification
APCO Registered Public Safety Leader (RPL)
APCO-NENA WA 911 Spring Forum
APCO-NENA WA Public Safety Communications Conference
APWA Accreditation
APWA Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP)
APWA Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector (CPII)
APWA Certified Stormwater Manager (CSM)
APWA Contract Administration Education Committee (CAEC) Pro-Back to Contract Basics
APWA Northwest Public Works Institute- Public Works Leadership Skills
APWA Northwest Public Works Institute-Developing Leaders
APWA Northwest Public Works Institute-Public Works Essentials
Aquatic Facility Operator Certification (AFO)
AWC Elected Officials Essentials Webinar Series
AWC Elected Officials Essentials Workshop
AWC Labor Relations Institute (LRI)
AWC Webinar-WA Paid Family & Medical Leave
CALEA Accreditation
CAPRA Accreditation
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Certified Parks and Recreation Professional or Executive (CPRP)
Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI)
Certified Stormwater Inspector-Municipal
CJTC Blue Courage Academy-Train the Trainer Workshop, Course #1992
CJTC Blue Courage Workshop, Course #1993
CJTC Command College Executive Training Day, Course #4341
CJTC First Level Supervision, Course #4127
CJTC Law Enforcement Records, Course #0941
CJTC Middle Management, Course #4221
CJTC NW Law Enforcement Command College, Course #4320
CJTC Pre-Supervisors, Course #4124
CJTC Property & Evidence Officer, Course #0613
Cyber Security Awareness Online Training
DES Crucial Conversations (2 Days)
DES Fierce Conversations (2 Days)
DES Leading Others (3 Days)
DES Leading Teams (3 Days)
DES Steps to Becoming a Supervisor
DES Supervision Essentials-Phase II (2 Days)
Emergency Vehicle Incident Prevention (EVIP)
Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC)
EMS Online Dispatch Training Certifications or Re-Certifications
Facilitation Program
Fire Arms Simulations Trainings (FATS or PRISim)
Flagger Certification - Individual
Flagger Certification - Onsite Exclusive Training
IAED Accreditation
IAED Emergency Fire Dispatcher Training (EFD) Certifications or Re-Certifications
IAED Emergency Medical Dispatcher Training (EMD) Certifications or Re-Certifications
IAED Emergency Police Dispatcher Training (EPD) Certifications or Re-Certifications
IAEM Certified Emergency Manager (CEM)
ICC Code Specialist
ICC Permit Technician Certification
ICC Property Maintenance Housing Inspector Certification
ICC Zoning Inspector Certification
IMSA Certification Programs
INPRA Pacific Northwest Resource Management School
ISA Certifications
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification
Law Enforcement: Verbal S.W.A.T. Strategies with Authority and Tact
LEIRA Fall Conference
LEIRA Public Disclosure-Advanced
LEIRA Public Disclosure-Beginner
Loaned Executive Management Assistance Program (LEMAP)
MRSC Webinar-A Legislative Deep Dive-2019 Labor, Housing, and Privacy Bills
MRSC Webinar-Affordable Housing and Homelessness Series, Part 1 of 3-Limitations of Homelessness Enforcement
MRSC Webinar-Affordable Housing and Homelessness Series, Part 2 of 3-Legal Considerations and Case Studies in Affordable Housing
MRSC Webinar-Affordable Housing and Homelessness Series, Part 3 of 3-What Counties and Cities Can Do to Address the Homelessness Crisis
MRSC Webinar-Crisis Communications-How to Respond Effectively When the Public is Watching
MRSC Webinar-Ethical Considerations for Local Government Staff and Officials
MRSC Webinar-Land Use Case Law Update-Summer 2019
MRSC Webinar-Land Use Case Law Update-Winter 2019
MRSC Webinar-Planning Ethics
MRSC Webinar-PRA and OPMA Case Law Update
MRSC Webinar-What Local Governments Are Doing to Address Homelessness
NENA Emergency Number Professional (ENP)
Northwest Leadership Seminar
NSPF Certifed Pool Operator (CPO) Certification
NW Safety Consultants-Behind the Wheel Driver Skills Course
PAW Annual Conference
PAW Boot Camps
Summit Law Group Webinar-Paid Family and Medical Leave
Summit Law Group-Webinars
WABO Annual Education Institute
WACE Spring Training Conference
WAPELRA Fall Conference
WAPELRA Spring Training
WAPELRA WInter Training
WASPC Accreditation
WMCA Fall Academy
WMCA Northwest Clerks Institute-Professional Development I
WMCA Northwest Clerks Institute-Professional Development II
WMCA Northwest Clerks Institute-Professional Development III
WMCA Northwest Clerks Institute-Professional Development IV
WMCA Spring (aka Advanced) Academy
WRPA Aquatics Skill Builder-Not on Your Watch and Training Better Trainers
WRPA Fall Summit
WSAPT Fall Conference
WSAPT Spring Conference
WSASC Annual Conference
WSU Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program

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