2019 Reimbursement Submittal Deadline is December 13, 2019


To track more efficiently, all reimbursement requests must be submitted via WCIA's website. Please follow these instructions:

* Go to www.wciapool.org and log in using your Username and Password.
* Click Education & Training, then click Training Reimbursements. 
* All eligible reimbursements will appear in alphabetical order.

*Note: For exclusive trainings and facilitations, prior approval from Member Services is required by October 1, 2019. Submittals for programs without prior approval will be denied.

*If a program is scheduled to take place after the deadline of December 13th, please notify Member Services in advance.
For a complete list of eligible programs, click here:


Reimbursements submitted after December 13, 2019 are subject to denial.

Questions? Please contact Member Services at memberservices@wciapool.org