About WCIA

The Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) is a municipal organization of Washington public entities that join together for the purpose of providing liability and property financial protection to its members.

Formed in 1981, as the first liability risk pool in Washington State, we have provided over 30 years' experience in comprehensive Risk Pool Coverages, Claims Administration, Financial Stability, and Risk Management Services. WCIA has evolved from the original nine members to a financially strong liability and property pool of over 150 members, with one common goal; to aggressively manage our members' financial risk.

We are a member-driven organization, allowing our members complete control of every operational aspect as well as offering the largest self-insurance layer of any Washington State Pool consistently funded at above 95% actuarial level. We extend generous services to our members such as risk management education and comprehensive risk field services. These services combined with aggressive claims and litigation assistance, allow the WCIA team to respond effectively to member needs. WCIA intentionally assumes the "working layer of losses" with limited reliance upon reinsurance for catastrophic losses. All of this makes for a complete pre and post loss management program. Contact us, if you are interested in the "insured's running the insurance company" concept.

Our Mission

"WCIA will take a leadership role to provide professional risk management and stable risk financing programs that respond to members' needs."

Our Core Values

  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Courage

Annual Goals:

Goal I:     Protect and maintain the authority's financial stability

Goal II:    Sustain and enhance member commitment and involvement

Goal III:   Maintain the status as the leading risk pool in the state and nation

Goal IV:   Foster sound risk management practices

Goal V:    Contain or manage adverse loss exposure in partnership with members

WCIA 2021 - 2024 Strategic Plan