Litigation & Claims Management

Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) approaches claim and litigation handling based upon merit, as opposed to a cost based analysis frequently used by the insurance industry. Each member has direct participation in its claims and litigation, both in pre- and post-loss stages. When warranted we litigate aggressively creating good case law and discouraging nuisance claims.

Our philosophy is to pre-position our members to avoid a loss from occurring and annually fund a Pre-defense Review program offering early advice on matters that could generate liability.

WCIA uses trial attorneys with experience in municipal law, who customize their efforts to our expectations. Additionally, 70% of our members' lawsuits result in dismissal or trial victory. The member's staff is part of the defense team during litigation and we believe in constant communication all through the process.

Risk Management & Training Commitment

WCIA believes a formal comprehensive training program coupled with active field risk management services systematically reduces risk of loss and supplements city operation. Aggressive risk management is an essential required element of pool membership.

A combined generously funded budget line item for training and risk management consulting, supports a dedicated risk management team to help implement a formal member COMPACT program, forming a comprehensive risk management partnership. The COMPACT receives strong membership support, provides incentives and penalties to encourage effective risk management and loss control participation.

The team helps supports each members risk management efforts by responding to specific member inquiries with a risk management analysis and training. Additional consultations and member education requests are always welcomed.