The COMPACT was initiated in 1995 to create member accountability and adherence to effective risk management practices. The COMPACT helps provide an assurance to each member that their resources and efforts toward managing risk are being matched pool wide. The COMPACT's primary function is to provide an annual risk management performance audit that reviews individual department risks and also require specific trainings to be completed. Annual topics have included:

  • Land Use
  • Liability prevention measures for Police
  • Parks
  • Personnel and Public Records
  • Public Officials
  • Public Works

Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) received an Association of Governmental Risk Pools Award for establishing the COMPACT, recognizing the innovative tracking and measurement of both pool-wide municipal risks and individual member exposures.

COMPACT Requirements

  • Appoint and update WCIA Delegate and Alternate when changes occur
  • Delegate and upper management participation at the Annual Review and Audit
  • Delegate or Alternate attendance at one of the three Full Board Meetings
  • Member participation in three WCIA trainings; one of the three to include Delegate or Alternate attendance at one WCIA Full Board Education session.
  • Pay assessments on time by January 30 postmark
  • Report Claims in a timely manner per the Claims Manual policies