Member Training and Education

Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) has developed an extensive training and education menu to serve our members. The comprehensive selections are indicated below.

Training and Education

The Training and Education Summary (PDF) reflects WCIA trainings, forums and partnered reimbursable programs categorized by targeted audiences and departments. Click Training Courses List Calendar View or List View to register for a training. List of current trainings with openings.

Training Reimbursement Programs

Training Reimbursement

Each WCIA member is allowed up to 1% of their total liability assessment annually in reimbursement funds. Members can manage their funds by choosing the dollar amount to spend on eligible programs within the threshold of their allotment.  The amount available is displayed on the Origami Member Dashboard.

Exclusive Training Programs

Available for members training a group of their employees. This one-time submittal reimburses 50% of the training fee, up to a maximum $3,000 annually.

Scholarship Program

Funding support towards accreditations or certification programs. This one-time submittal reimburses up to a maximum $500 annually.

Training Reimbursement Requests

Training reimbursement requests are submitted through Origami by your entity’s designated Origami user(s). If you have a training reimbursement request, please confer with your WCIA Delegate or Alternate prior to submitting the reimbursement request.

WCIA Online Academy

Members have access to over 100 courses, a course builder feature, and the ability to track external trainings, thru LocalGovU, an online training service dedicated to producing municipal based programs. To join contact Member Services.

More Information

Details for all programs listed are found under Related Materials. If you have a question for the Member Services department, please call 206-575-6046 or email.