Membership & Delegates

Membership solely consists of local government entities and their related regional interlocals; allowing strategic and short term expertise to respond specifically to member needs. Each member appoints a Delegate representative to the Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) Board of Directors. Delegates elect pool officers and Executive Committee members on a merit basis.

The membership maintains control over every pool function, including claims administration, fiscal stability, coverage parameters and member services. A sub-committee system generates recommendations for Board consideration.

Executive Committee & Subcommittees

The Executive Committee sets the organization's general day to day business/functions including direction of in-house staff. Staff has no other competing interests to dilute their concentrated efforts.

In addition to the Executive Committee, a system of sub committees offers operational guidance, they consist of:

  • Budget Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Long Range Planning Committee
  • Risk Management Committee

This strong membership participation has fostered and enhanced a self-insurance philosophy, producing sophisticated knowledge of pooling operations.