One Day Insurance: TULIP

Washington Cities Insurance Authority Tenant User Liability Insurance Program

To obtain a quote or purchase insurance:

  1. Access the website at
  2. Under TULIP - Event Insurance click on the "Purchase or Quote" button.
  3. Enter the Venue ID Code into the two boxes. If you do not know the Venue ID Code, type the location name into the "Search for your venue" field, then click the magnifying glass. Or, to see all locations type in "Washington Cities Insurance Authority" into the search field. Select the location from the second dropdown list.
  4. Answer questions about the event.
  5. Click on "Get Quote" for the cost of the insurance.
  6. To purchase insurance fill in the contact information for the tenant user and the insurance policy (the individual purchasing the coverage).
  7. Review that the information has been filled out correctly.
  8. Click the Agree and Accept boxes (after viewing the Refund Policy and Insurance Contract) and then click complete.
  9. Review the summary of coverage and charges and then click Purchase Coverage.
  10. Fill out the payment information and click Submit Payment.
  11. Once the payment clears you will be emailed an insurance certificate.
  12. If you have any questions regarding purchasing insurance online you may contact OneBeacon Entertainment / Entertainment Brokers International Customer Service at 1-800-507-8414.