Risk Management Best Practices for Law Enforcement Report Writing
Audience: FTO's and Command Staff Please join us as our trainers enlighten the audience on the risk management best practices for writing law enforcement reports. Trainers will walk us through the following:

Assessing the Report Content that Counts in the Era of I-940
  • Perspectives in Policing from Practical to Legal

Evaluating the Essential Elements of a Law Enforcement Report

  • Relevant vs. Irrelevant Content

Different Reports for Different Calls

  • Essential elements of reports for varying types of contact: Social Contact, Terry, Arrest, DV, etc.

Report Writing in the Age of Video and Social Media

  • Ensuring reports aren't impeached by video

Lessons from Report Reviewers

  • Input from Prosecutor and Sergeants

This course is currently being offered on 06/07/2019.