Best Practices for Risk Managing Law Enforcement in the I-940 Era

Audience: Law Enforcement Officers and Supervisors

Morning refreshments provided, lunch on your own

In this age of new policing -- Not every call is your call -- learn how to evaluate the call, recognize when to call for help and select alternatives for responses.

Attendance to this course will assist you in understanding the current environment and allow you to work safely, staying in your lane, while not hesitating to take appropriate police action due to uncertainty over current standards.

Please join us as our trainers cover:
  • Understanding Legal Standards, Authority and Lawful Purpose
  • Coordinating Roles and Responsibilities with Your Department
  • Review of Tactical Considerations
  • Examining Negligence Prior to Use of Force
  • Assessing De-Escalation Techniques and Practices
  • Evaluating Non-Deadly Use of Force
  • Defining Deadly Force
  • Determining Post Force Considerations

This course is currently being offered on 06/03/2019, 07/15/2019, 07/22/2019, 08/07/2019.