New Supervisor Boot Camp-Pilot Session
Audience: New Supervisors*
*Since this is a pilot session, WCIA's objective is to obtain feedback from the various leadership levels within an organization to determine if the concepts presented are effective and applicable to individuals. We encourage registration from all levels of leadership within an organization starting with first-level supervisors up to HR level.

This training is only open to WCIA Members.

Morning refreshments provided, lunch on your own. Congratulations on your promotion! So... now what do you do?

Despite our organization's best intention, we often find ourselves in a position where we've just promoted a promising new leader, but don't have the time or resources to provide them the necessary supervisor training. They are fantastic at their jobs (hence the well-deserved promotion). However, this doesn't always translate into providing the tools needed to tackle their new assignment - managing their team. This training will cover a wide variety of topics for new supervisors, with the ultimate goal of equipping them with the necessary tools to be successful in their new role.

Summary of Topics:
  • Communication techniques, including active listening skills and tools to help you modify your communication style based on the audience and the situation.
  • The basics of communication, respect and trust in the workplace.
  • How to approach two common issues that new supervisors face - being promoted from within, and when you "inherit" a problem from a previous supervisor.
  • Setting expectations for your team and how to reinforce those expectations if staff are not achieving them.
  • The difference between feedback, coaching and counseling - the various techniques for each of these tools and in what context to apply them.
  • Having a difficult conversation with your employee, and what you should document after the fact.
  • Overview of the performance evaluation process and how to provide necessary feedback to your team.