A Short Course on Local Planning and Tribal Planning
The Short Course is an opportunity for planning commissioners, local government staff, elected officials, and community members to learn about our state's legal framework planning, comprehensive planning and community development processes, and public involvement in the planning process.

  • Please register at least one week prior by sending an email to shortcourse@commerce.wa.gov with your name, organization, title (if applicable) and the location of the course you would like attend
  • Or by leaving the same information at 360-725-3064

The Legal Basis of Planning in Washington
The statutory basis of planning in Washington State, and early planning statutes. Constitutional issues in land use planning. Tribal planning and the intersection with land use planning outside Indian Country.

Comprehensive Planning Basics
An overview of Growth Management Act requirements for local planning, engagement with tribes.

Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities in the planning process. Tips for encouraging public involvement, best practices for effective meetings. Best practices for engagement with tribes.

Open Government Laws
Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) and Introduction to the Public Records Act (PRA). This training meets the requirements of RCW 42.30.205 requiring every member of a governing body to take OPMA training within 90 days of taking an official role, and every four years thereafter, as long as they remain in that role. Attendees will receive a certificate of training.