Avoiding Human Resources and Labor Relations Pitfalls
Human Resources Managers/Directors, Individuals in Upper Management and at Director Level

This training is only open to WCIA Members. Human resources and labor relations issues have become increasingly complex and can pose unforeseen challenges absent advanced planning. This scenario-based class is designed for executives, directors, and high level managers who want to work through some of the tougher employment decisions they may need to make in a manner that best minimizes agency risk.

Participants will work through real-life human resources and labor relations case studies, and then will debrief about best practices. Case study topics include, but are not limited to, hiring practices, disability accommodations, leave requests, incidents of discrimination and harassment, whistle-blowing, ethics, employee impairment, workplace violence, employee performance and discipline, employee procedural rights, and unfair labor practices.  Participants will gain confidence and improve their communications with their employees, the public and the press by learning how to handle these difficult situations.
At the end of class, participants will have gained knowledge regarding:
  • How to recognize when an employee issue presents risk for the agency and themselves
  • What to say and not say to employees and the media when confronted by these challenging employment issues
  • How to minimize potential risk in advance
  • What resources may be available when facing these various situations