Sergeants Investigation of Force
Sworn supervisors responsible for overseeing training force incidents

Attendance to all three days is required.

The No-Show Fee for this training is $495. Failure to notify WCIA of cancellation will result in a $495 no-show fee.

Morning refreshments provided each day, lunch on your own. Sergeants' Investigation of Force is a twenty-four hour course that is aimed at delivering essential skills for sergeants to fully investigate and critically analyze use of force incidents.

Like in the transformative practices course, we believe that it is inherent that police supervisors understand the current standards (practices) for using force, documenting force and critically analyzing force.

The course material is derived from the latest best practices for force investigation and analysis. The material in the course is delivered via the experiential learning model to drive discussion and the processing of information to maximize student learning and retention.

This course is currently being offered on 07/24/2019.