Best Practices for Coaching, Counseling and Transitioning to Discipline
Managers, Supervisors & HR Personnel This interactive six hour workshop is designed for any supervisor, employee serving in a lead position, trainer, manager or any individual responsible for evaluating employee performance or recommending/issuing discipline. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions and get hands-on experience in providing written and oral feedback using real-life scenarios.

Workshop attendees will learn:
  • The importance of giving timely and honest performance feedback throughout the year
  • How to give meaningful performance/behavioral related feedback
  • The differences between coaching and counseling
  • What approach will likely work best for different performance situations
  • How to develop solutions to performance concerns
  • How to solicit employee input, set meaningful performance goals and outline an improvement plan
  • How to have progressive performance related conversations
  • Techniques for managing more complex performance related problems
  • How to document the progression of the employee's performance
  • How to draft performance documents such as evaluations and performance improvement plans
  • What role (if any) the union may play in a performance related meeting
  • Factors to consider when it is time to transition to a disciplinary meeting

This course is currently being offered on 04/18/2019, 06/19/2019, 07/23/2019, 08/15/2019, 10/01/2019.