21st Century Sergeants Academy - Police Training Solutions
Audience: Current Sergeants or Acting Sergeants/Officers in Charge

Please Note:
Participants are required to attend all five days of the training.

The No-Show Fee for this training is $795. Failure to notify WCIA of cancellation will result in a $795 no-show fee. To resolve today's challenges in law enforcement, you need strong supervisory and leadership skills every day. Each shift brings new challenges and opportunities for the first-line supervisor or sergeant.

The goals of leadership in 2018 and beyond are to use leadership and supervisory methods that give the leader the ability to set the example, train their subordinates on how to do the job right, correct deficiencies in performance in a respectful manner, and tactical leadership skills to deal with today's tactical environment.

A strong first-line supervisor sets the standard for performance, works with their officers to achieve common goals, and helps make the department's best resource, the officers, better.

Police Training Solutions' Sergeants' Academy will provide you numerous practical take-away skills to be an effective first-line supervisor. This training is designed for Sergeants by experienced police Sergeants.

The key blocks of instruction are:
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Tactical Leadership
  • Incident Screening and Reporting
  • Correcting, Documenting and Reporting performance issues
  • Practical Supervisory Skills
  • Taking Care: Early Intervention and Mentoring
  • Sergeants Investigation of Force, Critical Analysis of Force
  • Coaching, Counseling and Roll Call Training

This course is currently being offered on 08/12/2019.