Use of Force: Transformative Practices for Trainers and Supervisors
Law Enforcement Trainers and Supervisors

Attendance to all 5 days is required

The No-Show Fee for this training is $795. Failure to notify WCIA of cancellation will result in a $795 no-show fee.

Morning refreshments provided each day, lunch on your own. Use of force is the biggest exposure law enforcement professionals face in today's world. The demand for nationwide police accountability and reform is at the forefront of every news cast; politicians find themselves jockeying for position based on their stance on police reform and accountability. Organizations are being held accountable and the outcomes are alarming. Take a pro-active approach; arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to be the tip of the spear on force training and review. Expose yourself to police training solutions and be in front of the coming changes to law enforcement. The current situation of where the community's view of use of force is diverging from the police officer's view of use of force is unacceptable.

It is inherent that police trainers and supervisors understand the current standards (practices) for using force, teaching force, documenting force and critically analyzing force incidents. You as a supervisor or trainer will be able to create an environment where your officers can still safely do their jobs and use force as necessary to protect themselves, the community and complete their duties.

Course Highlights
  • Current Use of Force Standards
  • Force Reporting
  • Recognition Primed Decision Making
  • Critical Analysis of Force
  • Police Legitimacy and Use of Force
  • Modernizing Police Training
Course Instructor
The instructor, Tom Ovens is an experienced trainer and use of force expert whose agency is now working under the most current national best practices established for police use of force and force review. Tom has over 15 years of experience testifying in court and consulting as an expert witness at the federal and state level on use of force (over 150 cases). He provides a unique and valuable perspective on how agencies and officers can best navigate the fluid and constantly  changing environment that that they must now know how to safely and effectively operate in. His mission is to provide you with the most cutting edge investigative strategies and processes related to use of force and the potential liability associated with these traumatic encounters.

This course is currently being offered on 12/02/2019.