DES-Fierce Conversations - 2 Day Training
Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES)

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Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) supports this course by providing a limited reimbursement of:
  • One registration per member, per year
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The purpose of this training is to first set the foundation on which the conversational models are built and to help students recognize the significance and far-reaching implications of conversations. You will learn how to delegate, freeing your time in order to lead more effectively and developing leaders within your organization. Lastly, you will be given the tools and the confidence to confront the toughest issues with courage, confidence and skill.

Performance Objectives:
  • Identify clear actions so an individual knows exactly where he or she has authority to make decisions.
  • Provide an employee with a clear upward path of professional development.
  • Develop leaders within the organization, freeing employees to take on more challenges and responsibilities themselves.
  • Create a culture so everyone in the organization takes full responsibility for his or her own actions.
  • Learn how to have the conversation to address behaviors or attitudes that need to change
  • Identify when feedback is no longer appropriate, and the time and place for having a confrontation.
  • End the confrontation with an enriched relationship amidst a difficult topic or situation.