An Introduction to Municipal Risk Management Essentials
New Risk Managers and Employees recently assigned risk management as a job duty

This training is only open to WCIA Members This course will address:

What is Risk and Why Practice Risk Management?

The Risk Management Process
Elements of Risk Identification & Analysis
  • Evaluation, Selection, Implementation and Monitoring
Techniques and Recommendations for Municipal Risk Exposures
  • WCIA Contract Basics for Risk Transfer

Loss Basics - Liability and Lawsuits

  • General Liability Exposures and Pitfalls
  • WCIA Claims, Lawsuits and Coverage Overview
Risk Facing Public Agencies in Liability and Property Exposures
Exploring specific exposures and controls for municipal departments:
  • Police, Public Works, Parks, Administration, Fire, Planning & Community Development and Personnel

How WCIA can Help Members Manage Risk

  • Services and Tools