CJTC Blue Courage Workshop, Course #1993
WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC)

Registration link to CJTC is available via WCIA's website, just click "Register for this event" button.

Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) supports this  program by providing a limited reimbursement of:
  • Two registrations per member
  • Please register and pay CJTC first
WCIA reimbursement funding is available upon program completion.
Blue Courage is a transformational two-day leadership development workshop designed for all levels of the organization. This revolutionary educational process is a holistic approach to developing our people. It will touch hearts, awaken minds and ignite spirits through dynamic presentations and learning processes. If your interest is self-improvement, increased engagement, stress-management, developing resilience, igniting culture change, combating cynicism, while improving overall health and well-being, then Blue Courage is waiting for you to answer the call!

Blue Courage is a way of being, a philosophy that inspires one to embody the noblest of character and unquestioned devotion. It is a process designed to:
  • Address cynicism, relationship, identity, integrity, health and stress
  • Develop mental toughness, allowing for the essential resilience officers and leaders must have
  • Instill a sense of and commitment to the purpose of nobility of policing
  • Develop a culture of learning, critical thinking, open-mindedness, tolerance, and healthy curiousity
  • Develop a moral compass and the requisite courage to do the right thing in any circumstances

This course is currently being offered on 05/30/2019, 06/10/2019.