Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT) 40HR Basic, Statewide, Course #8062
Prerequisites: None

Cost: None

Who can attend?

  • Law enforcement officers and deputies within the state of Washington.
  • Criminal justice, fire, mental health providers, and other emergency responders if space is available.

Link to course info is available via WCIA's website, just click "Register for this event" button.

This 40-hour class is designed to educate law enforcement officers on becoming a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officer.

The course will cover:
  • The legal aspects of mental health commitments
  • Liability issues
  • Mental disorders (including indicators of mental illness)
  • Understanding mental illness
  • Documentation
  • The interpersonal relations necessary to effectively work with the mentally ill and their families
  • The mental health system
  • Intervention strategies for dealing with both low and high risk situations
Students may participate in role playing scenarios during this class.

This course is currently being offered on 06/03/2019.