CJTC Property & Evidence Officer, Course #0613
WA State Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC)

Link to course registration and further information is available via WCIA's website, just click "Register for this event" button.

Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) supports this program by providing a limited reimbursement of:
  • Two registrations per member, per year
  • Please register and pay CJTC first
Reimbursement funding is available upon program completion. This course is designed for persons with designated responsibilities associated with the property room. Course content includes:
  • Security and safeguards
  • Laws governing operations of the property room
  • Conducting research for final disposition of property
  • Conducting an auction
  • Properly destroying items from the property room
  • Property room transfers
  • Procedures and chain of custody
  • Court room testimony
  • Packaging and storage to maximize results for various testing processes

Prerequisite: Employment in the criminal justice field